Crêpinos™ is more than just a business that makes great tasting crepes, fresh juices, and delicious coffee; it’s a culture. The Crêpinos™ organization considers you a member of the family, whether you are an employee or a franchise partner. The founders’ background and their belief in a well-operated, highly efficient, and values-oriented business  make Crêpinos™ Restaurants stand out as the business model others strive to emulate.


The Crêpinos™  business model is synonymous with simplicity and efficiency. The crepe business is a billion-dollar industry that continues to grow. The concept of a fresh, made-to-order crepe served  with a fresh juice or a premium quality coffee responds to a burgeoning niche  that Crêpinos™ is ready to fill.


Becoming a franchisee in any industry can be extremely challenging. When the founders of Crêpinos™ developed their concept, they understood, thanks to their previous franchising experience, exactly what needs to be done in order to provide their franchise partners the necessary support and structure to help them develop their business.



Crêpinos™ Restaurant grants its franchises to individuals who are committed to the same values as the founders: pride, passion, attention to detail, commitment and striving to do ones best. The values of the individual and our operational requirements go hand in hand in our organization. Whether you are an experienced  entrepreneur or a corporate executive, our staff will guide you throughout the process of opening and operating your own Crêpinos™ restaurant.


The financial requirements for owning a Crêpinos™ restaurant are reasonable and can realistically be met. This could be through any combination of liquid assets, be they cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement funds, or any other non-borrowed source. A co-applicant can also be of help in meeting these requirements.


The costs of opening a Crêpinos™ restaurant depend on several factors such as location, size, and layout, as well as on the following:

  • Franchise fee
  • Opening costs
  • Initial inventory & supplies
  • Construction costs
  • Restaurant equipment & POS package
  • Signage
  • Set-up costs
  • Working capital

Please note that these costs also depend on the progressive increases that may occur in an inflationary economy.


Now that you have some basic information and wish to move on to the next chapter in your quest of becoming a Crêpinos™ franchise partner, please fill out the attached questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is completed and it has been determined that you meet the criteria for purchasing a Crêpinos™ franchise, we will verify that the market you are interested in is one that corresponds to our expansion profile.

You will then be summoned for a phone interview in which we will discuss your goals as a Crêpinos®  franchisee. The interview will also allow us to determine whether you are the right fit for our brand.

Following the phone interview, you will be invited to our head office for a ‘‘Discovery Day’’ to meet with some of our staff members.  Upon successful completion of ‘‘Discovery Day,’’ we will provide you with a copy of the current Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement. Then, you will be given a copy of our Franchise Agreement along other information for you and your team to review.

The last step will entail the signing of the Franchise Agreement and our putting you on the right track toward making crepes that are “always served hot, always fresh, and made to order!”


The current initial franchjse fee is very affordable! Call 1 866-273-7466 for more information 

Yes, We have an area development agreement for those who qualify for a multi-unit franchise.

Royalties are 6% of monthly sales.

The number of employees varies depending on shifts and store hours of the restaurant.

Most Crêpinos™ Restaurants require 4-7 employees.

The number of employees per shift depends on the time of day and on the day of the week.

The timeframe varies between 2 - 4 months depending on the location and any renovations that to be done.

5 years (plus three 5-year renewal options)

Yes, we offer a master franchise agreement outside Québec for those who qualify.

  • One week of training, on the premises, at one of the corporate restaurants as of the opening date.

  • Advice in the areas of marketing and general operation of a franchise

  • A copy of the operations manual and updates, made available to the franchisee only during the term of the contract.

  • Notification to the franchisee of any problems gleaned from the reports submitted by the franchisee.

  • Notification to the franchisee of any observations made during inspections carried out by the franchisor.

  • Advice on the methods, standards, and procedures in the  preparation of food products sold in the franchisee's establishment.

  • Maintenance of uniform standards of quality, cleanliness, appearance, and service throughout the network.

  • Distribution of newsletters that cover various aspects of the Crêpinos™ concept .

There are no renewal fees, but a new franchise agreement listing all modifications made and approved beforehand must be signed every five years.

A license to operate a Crêpinos™ restaurant that sells the merchandise that is suggested and approved by the company solely at the location approved and granted by the franchisor.

A non-exclusive licence to use the Crêpinos™ trademark and brands in connection with the business.

A non-exclusive licence to use the system in connection with the business.

Yes, the brand advertising fund fee is 2% of monthly sales.

We will supply the necessary financial information to enable you to calculate your financial forecast with your chartered professional accountant or certified management consultant. We encourage all perspective franchisees to do their due diligence and speak with current franchisees as well as consult with qualified professionals (lawyer, chartered professional accountant, or certified management consultant) who specialize in franchising before making any decisions.